Sexual reproductive health education among truck drivers

13731034_1187727027965125_4588303023665292124_oProper information and education on HIV/AIDS would help prevent sexual HIV transmission. It is necessary that people get proper education on safe sex.Meanwhile work opportunity take men like track drivers ,civil servants e.t.c way from their their partners for long periods. This is counterproductive because it promotes cross-generational sex, multiple sexual partners and casual unprotected sex. on the same regard as organization today 16/07/2016 we visited SHREEJ chemicals (K) LTD company located in Miritini and had some healthy discussion with their peer educators on how we shall partner with company in offering some health talks, HTC services among others to the employees including the truck drivers .the meeting came in to conclusion that each and every last Friday of a month the organization will be conducting health talks to the truck drivers as we HTC services.

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