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Mombasa County is well known for its lovely sandy beaches and the warm hospitality from the residents, out of its sea breeze and hot weather a champion was born. Evans Ouma is a name to behold, a young man who won’t sugarcoat his words, his aim is to stand with the voiceless in the society and bring equality in the community pertaining human rights and social governance, he has no time for cheap talk.

He is the program manager of stretchers youth organization based in Magongo,changamwe constituency, his role is to design programs and push for their implementation with the support of other staff at the organization. This has made him vocal to the community and he has been able to engage the county government of Mombasa in different forums, the latest one being on the finance bill public participation. Him with other stakeholders spearheaded in calling on the public to come out in large numbers to discuss the finance bill and to hold the county government accountable.


He attest to the fact that very few people show up in public forums called by the county government. Therefore allowing the county government to go ahead with proposals which have minimal counter educative discussions. And sometimes the dates for the forums are announced late this also hinders people from participating.
His experience as an activist has not gone unnoticed,in 2013 he was honored with an award by Muhuri Muslim for human rights as The Chipukizi activist of the year in coast was a competitive award but he emerged the best,and he truly appreciate God for that recognition.the award motivated him even more to keep on fighting for the rights of people.
He says activism gives him satisfaction and all he desire is to have a peaceful society where each individual is respected regardless of his opinion, And also a society where bigotry is ancient.
His role model is Mr.Salim,a facilitator who really inspired him in his growth as an activist.
Despite his busy schedule he also has free time,which he enjoys spending at the beach and have fun with family and friends.
He is calling out on youths not to shy away from activism,but to come out and be on the front line.Activism is not marching on streets and causing mayhem and unrest to people but its all about speaking for the majority where the minority have refused to talk.

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