There are a number of health issues that affect young people in the county. Based on the (2015 Kenya National adolescents and Youth Survey), it was confirmed that the main health issues within Mombasa County include STIs/HIV/AIDS, Drug and Substance Abuse as well as Teenage Pregnancy, Sexual Gender Based Violence was also mentioned to be an issue affecting the young people especially in form of rape and domestic violence.

About 1 in 5 (18%) of people in Mombasa County are adolescents aged 10-19. About 1 in 5(17%) girls, aged 15-19 years in Mombasa County have begun Child bearing about the same as the national level according to (Kenya Demographic Health Survey 2014). Teenage pregnancies often result from low use of contraceptives. One of the most effective ways of preventing STIs and infections and HIV is through correct and consistent use of condoms during sex.

Stretchers Youth organization focuses on SRH with the aim of helping spread awareness among youths regarding their sexual reproductive health to enable them make informed choices and help to curb the spread of  STIs and reduce cases of early teenage pregnancy plus promote the use of family planning methods. This would help contribute towards achieving the sustainable Development goal 3 (Ensuring healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages) plus help in addressing some of the health issues facing the youths of Mombasa. The Stretchers Youth Organization also helps to promote the use of contraceptives and creates forums of discussion with the youths in order to discuss various issues on SRH and other subjects which they may find difficult to discuss with their parents. This has helped the youths of Mombasa to become more aware of themselves and become assertive.

Our main aim is to educate them and provide information and Life skills on matters pertaining Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights issues. Our goal is to have youths who are knowledgeable, well adverse with sexual rights and can stand to make informed choices of their lives.

We have different models/approaches in disseminating information to its subsequent targets. It employs conduction of comprehensive sex education sessions to in-school and out-of-school adolescents and youths, Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights forums, Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights out-reaches, online digital platforms in creation of awareness on Health matters, usage of art/artiste in promotion of socio-economic development and through one-on-one interactions and discussions