Unemployment in Kenya has become a major concern, rising to an alarming rate of 39.1% according to the United Nations in the Human index (2017) report, making Kenya the highest in the east African region. This in turn increases the dependency ratio. Consequently the economy continues to underperform, making the country incapable of generating enough jobs.

The persistently high level of unemployment directly affects the youth who most of them are college fresh men&women eager to land a job, after a long struggle in college. As an organization we want to close the skills gap and continue developing and honing skills which most youth are capable of. When youth have higher skills levels it will provide for them greater opportunities which will result into a spillover effects on earning potential and poverty eradication, ensuring transition to full productive employment and decent work for youths.

We don’t only want to develop skills just in the economic, but also through leadership and teamwork skills; through volunteerism, they can learn collaboration; through online engagement they can be equipped with wider knowledge.

Therefore skills development and entrepreneurship looks beyond job specific skills but it works to develop skills in a wide variety of settings both formally and informally. This ensures that young people are central to youth development and have the skills to be leaders. This prompted us to set up a resource Centre seeking to promote skills development and provide entrepreneurship mentorship for youths in order to improve their livelihoods.