Improving Health and secure environment for youth and women

The term Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) was not familiar to me until when I joined Stretchers Youth Organization and I got to learn about SRHR.

Advocacy for human rights and gender equality

To achieve good governance practices it is paramount that democratic principles are applied. This is particularly evident in societies where democratic culture is becoming the daily experience of citizens.

Building a culture of democracy and good governance

The Constitution of Kenya which was promulgated in 2010 is the most progressive in the world and has been implemented by an avalanche of policy and legislative developments by the Cabinet, Senate and National Assembly.

The Girl Summit

Established in 2019, The Girl Summit is an annual event hosted by Stretchers Youth Organization to engage with Girls locally, regionally and globally on the most pressing topics facing our generation. TGS is an initiative which aims to inspire and empower girls within and outside the institution.