Implementation Area: Mombasa County

Target Population: Adolescent Girls


Age: 10-24 Years

Girls face a myriad of obstacles accessing justice, this includes, gender biasness, distance from justice structures and unresponsive justice institutions. Without a proper legal framework, girls have no recourse to protect their rights and without equal access to education, girls cannot fully participate in their communities and national economy of their country. Governments and decision makers are accountable for ensuring that laws protecting adolescent girls are implemented and enforced, and that all citizens, especially girls, are aware of their rights under the law.

Through this project we seek to promote legal and policy frameworks that empower girls and advance their rights. As an organization we are closely working with the County Government of Mombasa so as to advocate for policy and legal reforms to protect adolescent girls; improve implementation and enforcement of existing laws and policies and raise awareness. Some of the Interventions under this project are to provide adolescents girls and young women with support networks (Champions) and increase their knowledge through trainings on the existing policies to address the needs of adolescent girls and involving them in decision making committees, participation in budget making process, the structuring of Mombasa county integration development plan and formulation of sub county adolescent technical working group committee. Having round table meeting with the members of county assembly and members of national assembly and other officials of the county to table some of the recommendations for addressing adolescent health issues at the county.