There has been a constant attack of the well-established Human Rights Organizations by the government especially at the coast region. This has slowed down the efficiency and effectiveness of the emerging  young human rights organizations in Mombasa SEYODE PROJECT REPORT


Girls face a myriad of obstacles accessing justice, this includes, gender biasness, distance from justice structures and unresponsive justice institutions. Without a proper legal framework, girls have no recourse to protect their rights and without equal access to education, girls cannot fully participate in their communities and national economy of their country.ADOLESCENT GIRLS ON TRANSFORMATIVE ADVOCACY REPORT 1



Everywhere around the world, young people desire more access not just to job opportunities, but to a better quality of life. They resent being marginalized in government development process and are eager to have greater control over their lives. Youths participating in development plans have been left un-addressed; hence conflict, violence and a missed generation for global development are the costs of neglect that the society is paying one way or another.I VOTE I PARTICIPATE PROJECT REPORT