Christine Rashid

Wondering where I got the courage to express myself and address such issues affecting the community well Stretchers did that. They made a dream come true, they natured that naïve little lady full of dreams become who she is today. One who is able to come to the table with community and its leaders and draw a working plan which will be of benefit to the community, ability to stand up for what’s right and what’s wrong and fighting for the less disadvantaged to the society and that is what I define as success.

Pauline Mutie

I am Pauline Mutie. I joined Stretchers Youth Organization in Feb, 2019. Whereby I was involved through some training concerning sexual reproductive health Rights and on the same month I managed to win a miss condom crown Mombasa (2019-2020). This privilege forced me to go through many training sessions because it was not easy dealing with adolescents. Through the activities I finally became passionate about the sexual reproductive health issues among adolescents and young people at the community level.

Geoffrey Kithuku

My name is Geoffrey Kithuku, I joined Stretchers Youth Organization April 2019, and since then I have gotten different opportunities that have help to shape and build me and also discover what I had not discovered in myself. I had not known that I can champion for my fellow youth and adolescents especially on SRHR.

Joseph Mungai

The leadership at Stretchers Youth organization is noteworthy. The fine people that guide us have set a new milestone that many youths in the county wish to be. In most of the activities I partook in I had learnt to handle myself from the way I saw them handle their peers and their mentors. Their decisive nature and self-confidence is infectious, they challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and it really helped me and up to this day the values I learned from volunteering has propelled me to places that I never thought that I would ever reach.